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Math grad. Writer.

From someone who only had two friends in college.

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Let’s cut to the chase. You clicked on this article because deep down you want to be a better friend.

And, from someone who used to fail to make and keep his friends back in college but now has more than enough genuine friendships — which is what we should…

“The older the problem, the older the solution.” — Naval Ravikant

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Depressed, lonely, and a 2.43 GPA.

Those four words are more than enough to show you the whole picture of my life three years ago. …

It’s hailed as the king of exercises after all.

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If you’ve been going to the gym for a while, then you know the squat rack is always empty. Or worse yet — occasionally, you see someone committing one of the cardinal sins of the gym: Repping out biceps curls in the squat rack.

So, why do most people avoid…

Yes, there’s a right way to say it.

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“The oldest, shortest words — ‘yes’ and ‘no’ — are those which require the most thought.”

— Pythagoras

Well, the father of the Pythagorean theorem wasn’t so smart after all — he was only half-right this time around.

In this day and age, a ‘yes’ would take no longer than…

Become a minimalist in decision-making.

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Has it ever crossed your mind why candy bars are typically placed at store registers? Is there a science behind it? A superstition? Or, is it just a mere coincidence that all the stores in the world seem to have a similar layout?

To answer this question, let’s look at…

Slay it to get to the treasure room.

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What stands in your way of stardom and success is not your loud, incapable boss at the office or the lack of money and opportunities. …

I was supposed to graduate in three.

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To this day, I still remember what my high school teacher had said to me in front of the class:

College will be the best years of your life.

They were the worst years of my life.

Why? Well, let’s take a look:

  • I attended less than twenty percent of…

Shaving your head is optional.

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What comes up to your mind when you see a man with unkempt hair, wearing tattered clothes — sleeping in a cardboard box on the street?

A homeless?

An addict?

A failure?

Labels. We put labels on others and ourselves all the time. It helps us to compartmentalize situations and…

There’s a cheat code for the lazies.

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Have you ever start practicing a life-changing habit for a week, only to find yourself not doing it at all on the eighth day?

Then, you start to get angry at yourself for not doing it even if you want to.

And then…

It’s by continuous self-reflection. Always has been.

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We’re almost at the end of the year. I know — you can’t wait for this year to be over. …

Amin Sazuki

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